How to Pre-Order

You can only place an order during the limited time period specified on the website.
 I donft accept custom orders.

All glass eyes are hand made. I try my best to assure quality but
they are all shipped as designed based on my best judgment;
very slight warps, differences smaller than .5 millimeter,
or extremely small bubbles inside the glass eyes may occur.  

You may notice slight differences between the pictures on the website
and the actual eyes shipped to you. Every monitor is calibrated differently.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I match the pair of eyes as best I can, but you may notice slight differences
between them such as height of iris.  Again, every glass eye is hand made. 
Slight differences in any way are expected.

When order numbers go over my capacity it will be a draw.
In this case details will be announced on the website.

I only accept one order per customer per ordering period.

**If you have more than five pair order, please order once again. 
At that time, please write "There is another order" in the comment area.  I will bundle each order.**


I will contact you by e-mail once the item is ready to ship. 
Please make the payment within 5 days of receiving the confirmation e-mail.

I will ship your item within a week after your payment is confirmed.

There is a change of payment system to improve shipping and handling.

From now on, we require the payment up-front once the order is received.

The order will be processed once the payment is confirmed.

To compensate, we no longer ask for an additional 5% Paypal fee.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter.

Once your order is confirmed, cancellation is not accepted.

I will start creating your pair of glass eyes after your order is confirmed so it might take some time.
I will announce work in progress information on the website. 
Once the item is ready to ship I will contact you by e-mail.

When an item was completed, I send it out.
After having finished shipment, I send an email to you
The current ordering system is temporary. 

It may change in the future based on your opinions. Please understand.

I only accept orders from the people who fully read and understand this ordering information.

November.2011 New order

I read and fully understand the above information. Advance to the Pre-Order Items list.

closed order

July,2010 order

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