[Distributor] Hitomi Itakura(H.N/Ginneko)
[Shipping and Handling] EMS Flat Rate: 1,200 yen
Paypal Transaction Fee: 5%(It is displayed for a tax at the time of pay pal payment)
[Ordering items]

Only available when items are in stock.

[A defective article] Because I handmake each set, the 2 eyes may not be totally identicle.
Depending on your monitor calibration there may be a small color difference between what you see on my site and the item when it arrives, but this does now mean it is a defective item,
[Sales figures] Each glass eye set is unique and only one set is available. What you see on my website is what's in stock.

I will ship the item within 5 days of confirmed money transaction. If for any reason I delay the shipping I will contact you.

[Payment method] I only  accept PayPal.
All prices are in Japanese Yen.
[Payment time limit] At the time of the purchase
[Returned goods time limit] No returns accepted
[Name or service name] ★Silver★
[Public e-mail address] Please use an email form

I am not good at English. I use translation software.
Please write it in English simple as possible

[A homepage address] http://silverglasseye.blog103.fc2.com/
[Fill out an EMS slip] Detailed description of contents:DollEye
Value:Article price
[Attention] I can't be responsible for any accidents in shipping
Please agree that time when the glass eye is broken sometime comes